France’s 2030 energy targets unveiled by the Energy Ministry have been criticised by Climate Action Network France, it was revealed on Wednesday.

The figures within this latest document will be part of the energy production law and the multi-year energy programming decree, which are due to be implemented early next year and are part of the “French energy and climate strategy,” which will be updated every five years.

“We’re in a race against time with not a minute to lose,” the office of Energy Minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher stated on Wednesday before publishing the document for public consultation on the country’s energy policy objectives by 2030.

France is aiming to reduce the amount of fossil fuels in its overall energy consumption to 42% by 2030, Euractiv reports.

However, despite being the country’s energy and climate strategy, the document only contains France’s energy goals.

“It’s a bit rich to talk about a French strategy for energy and the climate when there’s only the energy part and not the uses and all the greenhouse gases,” according to Anne Bringault, Director of Programs at the Climate Action Network (RAC).

“Climate targets are still up for arbitration”, the Energy Minister’s office added.

Back in March, European negotiators agreed on an overall target of 42.5% for renewable energies in the EU’s final energy consumption. France’s target is likely to exceed the 42.5% figure, the Euractiv report adds, due to the country’s EU higher-than-average deployment capacity.

In addition, France’s national energy-climate plan submitted to the European Commission earlier this week doesn’t refer to the country’s share of renewables by 2030.

“If the share of renewables is not explicit, it’s because the government doesn’t want it to show,” Bringault went on to say.

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