Covid restrictions within businesses are set to be eased in France beginning on Monday 14th March. This is the same day the vaccine pass requirement will be lifted, and face coverings will no longer be mandatory in indoor public spaces. Yet they will continue to be obligatory on public transport.

"Businesses will resume normal rules," said Minister of Labour, Elisabeth Borne in an interview with LCI News.

The Minister went on to add that it would be vital “to continue to follow hygiene rules” such as adequate ventilation, cleaning surfaces and washing hands, but social distancing regulations will be eased, says a France24 report.

In regard to remote working, the Labour Minister said businesses have already been granted great autonomy in terms of setting their own rules, and these decisions should continue to be made internally.

The current nationwide restrictions in force will be replaced by guidelines on steps to prevent the risks of coronavirus. These have already been shared with business associations and unions. The guidelines aim to "ensure the health and safety of employees" while freeing up the rules for businesses.

According to the guidelines: “In the current circumstances where the virus continues to circulate, employees who wish to do so will be able to continue to wear a mask, without the employer being able to oppose it.” 

The move coming into force on Monday has been described as "the end of the tunnel" by the U2P business association, which represents 3 million artists, retailers and independent workers.

"Good news! After two years of applying health restrictions at companies and mobilising professional organisations to support companies in the face of the crisis, here is the end of the tunnel," the business association said on Twitter.

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